Characteristics and location

Two tailings on Sauberg in Ehrenfriedersdorf are part of the Ehrenfriedersdorf East mining area.

In the mine, which was operated until 1990, mainly tin ore was mined, the two silt heaps were created as a result of this tin ore extraction.

After the pit had been closed, the mining cavities were flooded. According to Hösel (1994), the mine water generally has a high level of As and Fe.

The processing residues of the tin processing from the last mining period since 1942 were piled up in the tailings. The main ore minerals of the Ehrenfriedersdorf deposit are tinstone (cassiterite, SnO2), arsenopyrite (FeAsS) and loellingite (FeAs2) (Hösel, 1994).

Tailing 1 is located on the eastern slope of the Sauberg in a sheltered valley and extends from about 597 m a.s.l. up to 626 m a.s.l. The plateau area is approx. 6.8 ha and the slope areas approx. 1.4 ha, the volume is approx. 442,000 m3. Tailing 2 is at a height of approx. 626 m a.s.l. up to 660 m a.s.l. The plateau area is approx. 20.0 ha and the slope areas approx. 3.8 ha, the cubature is approx. 1.5 mil. m3.

Objects of investigation

  • Drilling fluid
  • Leachate/pit waters


Projects and activities on the tailing

  • Project SMSB: "Extraction of strategic metals and minerals from Saxon mining tailing" as part of the funding measure "r³ -Innovative Technologies for Resource Efficiency - Strategic Metals and Minerals", 2012 - 2016, project coordination: Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology
  • Pilot project: ,,Shipments of the tailing seepage water in the area Sauberg East field of tin ore Ehrenfriedersdorf GmbH'' experiment: EcoConcept GmbH Chemnitz, academic support: TUBAF Freiberg, 2002
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