Excursions for Students in EMeraldinho Project

September 2022 recomine organized excursions for EMerald students (EIT Master in Resource Engineering) to Poland, Czech Republic and Saxony as part of the EMeraldinho project. The aim of the trip was to give the students an insight into the resource sector of the three countries/regions.

The first week was very exciting as the new EMerald students were able to visit the mine in Zinnwald, the Pinge in Altenberg as well as the Bielatal Tailing near Altenberg, the Davidschacht Tailing in Freiberg and the Historical Smelter Complex Muldenhütten. Afterwards recomine together with EMerald students visited some alliance partners in the Czech Republic. There, the group was guided by recomine partners from the Czech Geological Survey (CGS) through their laboratories, and interesting projects of the CGS around the world were presented.

During the visit to DIAMO, s. p. - o. z. PKÚ, there was an opportunity to walk up one of the largest tailings piles of the former Příbram uranium mine. In addition, EMerald students were able to visit the water treatment plant for the removal of iron, radium and uranium from mine water, as well as the sensor-based sorting technology that is being further developed in joint recomine-EIT-RawMaterials project Dynosort. Finally, we went underground to the historical silver mine of Příbram.

Many thanks for the support and great organization to Petr Rambousek and Ladislav Pašek - Zdař Bůh ⚒️.

In the second week of the excursion, the students continued to Poland. There they had the opportunity to visit KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, EIT RawMaterials, AGH University of Science and Technology and Comex Group.

recomine would also like to thank the Polish companies and partners very much for the impressive insights into their innovative day-to-day business.

We are already looking forward to the next trips in 2023 with the next EMerald graduates.

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