Technologies for Extraction and Processing of Lithium Mica from Tailings in the Ore Mountains

Time span

From 01.10.2022 to 30.09.2025



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Technologies for Extraction and Processing of Lithium Mica from Tailings in the Ore Mountains

The aim of the project TEVLiS is to develop an innovative technology chain for the extraction and processing of lithium (Li) mica and potential accompanying components (such as cassiterite and quartz) from tailings, using the example of the Bielatal industrial tailings facility (IAA) in the Ore Mountains. The main focus is on the combination and optimization of known technologies for resource estimation based on artificial neural networks (ANN), recovery and processing of materials from tailings, as well as on the further processing of Li-mica concentrate into marketable Li products.

At the beginning of the project, the tailings body will be investigated and evaluated with respect to its geological and mineralogical properties. At the same time, the necessary surface outcrops provide the opportunity for sampling, which is the basis for geochemical and geotechnical investigations as well as for necessary processing tests. By optimizing known processing methods, the primary useful minerals tin waldite (Li-mica) and cassiterite are separated from the finest-grained processing residues (< 40 μm). In cooperation with partners from industry and science, the use of the silicate residues as potential aggregates for construction materials is being investigated. This concept is intended to achieve maximum minimization of the deposited masses and the afterburden while simultaneously refinancing the remediation of the contaminated site. The associated, complete dismantling of the tailings will be assessed within the scope of the project with regard to its expected political and social resonance. The mica concentrates produced by the reprocessing will be processed into marketable Li products in a laboratory test and the result will be assessed in terms of its economic viability.

The implementation of the project creates a further basis for the development of the regionally based project partners as suppliers for AI processes, extraction, preparation as well as processing technologies and contributes to the supply of important raw materials.

The resulting technology concept should be marketable worldwide and serve as a template for processing other low grade ores.

Development site: Industrial tailings facility (IAA) Bielatal in the Ore Mountains.


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