Resources, Environment and Civil Commitment in Ore Mining

The aim of the project is to create a partnership cooperation between Saxon and Czech institutions working on the topics of resources, environment and civil engagement in ore mining in the border region Saxony - Czech Republic. In the long term, this will enable the further development of the grown competences in the field of environmental technologies within the mining region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří and to use them for the development of dispersed raw material sources in connection with the elimination of environmental burdens. The project "recomine SN-CZ" is funded by the EU Interreg program "Cooperation Saxony - Czech Republic".

Dr. Ulrich Bobe
Project manager by project duration


Active without Limits - for the Environment

The border region between Saxony and the Czech Republic is characterized by only sporadic cooperation between actors in the field of resource technology and environment. Therefore, the most important goal of recomine SN-CZ is to create conditions for cooperation in this sector. This goal is to be achieved by creating transparency, meeting and exchanging ideas between actors from both sides of the border on site at old mining sites (Ehrenfriedersdorf, Freiberg, Aue-Bad Schlema, Cínovec). A final workshop will take place in Prague on October, 6 2022. The Saxon WIR! recomine-alliance is opening up to Czech partners and thus creating opportunities to remove the numerous barriers to transnational cooperation between scientists, the business community and public authorities.

Language as a Bridge not a Barrier

The transnational development of trusting relationships between these actors is supported within the framework of various measures. In addition to a concept for alliance expansion, a guideline for the involvement of permitting authorities in technology development projects for the environment and raw materials is being developed during the project time span. With the help of a dialogue on available technologies for the development of dispersed raw material sources in connection with the elimination of environmental burdens, fields of action for future projects will be developed.

Saxon-Czech Network for Geology and Environment Has Been Established

The project was finished on schedule at the end of 2022. With the great success of 62 active institutions, 29 of them Czech, a resilient network of universities, institutes, companies and NGO institutions has been formed. Presentations and discussions were held in five workshops at local filed labs, and fields of action for future projects were identified. In close cooperation with the Saxon Upper Mining Authority and the Ministries of Environment and Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the project partners succeeded in transferring the basic idea of the Saxon alliance of the BMBF-funded WIR! project "recomine" to the neighboring Czech Republic.

All results of the project are available in the final report – in German and in Czech.

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