LLV Muldenhütten

LLV Muldenhütten

LLV (learning-teaching-mediation site) Muldenhütten

Time span

From 01.07.2023 to 31.12.2025


LLV Muldenhütten

Project type

Historical-social mediation and development project

The project involves the design and initial prototype implementation of a learning, teaching and educational site at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Muldenhütten as part of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří mining cultural landscape. Embedded in one of the most impressive slag heap landscapes in the Freiberg mining district, the historic hut complex is located on the banks of the Freiberger Mulde.

Muldenhütten, which was incorporated into Freiberg in 2012, is now an active and future-oriented industrial site in line with Saxony's new raw materials strategy, particularly with regard to recycling and the circular economy.

Key questions for the project:

  •     How do you deal with listed but contaminated buildings and mining tailings whose heritage value requires explanation and can only be experienced to a limited extent?
  •     How do you develop a world heritage site in the immediate vicinity of which production continues and will continue in the future?
  •     How can innovative solutions for today's issues and current future prospects for a World Heritage site and for geomontane circular economy issues be derived from over 700 years of site history?
  •     How and with which formats can the significance and identification value of the site be communicated in an attractive way across generations?


TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Industrial Archaeology and History of Science and Technology

Malte Krüger      

Anke Binnewerg

+49 3731 393427


Project partner for school projects:

Support Association Montanregion Erzgebirge e. V.

Dr. Anna Wierzgon  

  +49 3731 393427

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