Local Alliance on Mining Wastes with Support of a Broad Public Community

The recomine-alliance brings together companies, scientific and educational institutions, public authorities and non-governmental organizations from the extended region of the Ore Mountains. All have the goal of finding new solutions for contaminated sites from mining and metallurgy. The innovative and comprehensive solutions combine remining and remediation. On the one hand, these cushion the high remediation costs arising from the mining of dispersed raw materials and, on the other, find broad acceptance among legislators and authorities.

Structural Change in the Ore Mountains

The region of the Ore Mountains has produced numerous masterpieces of craftsmanship, technology and science for a long time. Until now, there is a successful dissemination of the Ore Mountains mining expertise through a worldwide transfer of knowledge and technology. After German reunification, a strong environmental and remediation industry emerged. Environmental management of the consequences of conventional mining has given the regional economy a rare ability and extraordinary potential. This can go far beyond the previous remediation work: The contaminated abundant mine sites in the region contain resources that could be used efficiently. The structural change in conjunction with recomine develops internationally applicable solutions and presents them at research and development sites in the region. The research and development sites are suitable for exemplary technology marketing and the mediation of suitable regulatory and civil society measures.

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"Mining and Processing of Tin and Lithium Ores in the Zinnwald/Cínovec Region"

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Episode 31 of RECOMINE is online

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Overview of the recomine-Status Meeting from 12.07.2022 in Ehrenfriedersdorf

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06. October 2022

recomine cordially invites you to the workshop "Conclusion and Outlook of the Workshop Series".

The main objective of this event is to identify…

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07. September 2022

07.09.2022 , 09:00 - 08.09.2022 , 17:00

recomine cordially invites you to the workshop "Mining and Processing of Tin and Lithium Ores in the Zinnwald/Cínovec Region".

The main goal of this…

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04. July 2022

04.07.2022 , 09:00 - 08.07.2022 , 09:00

Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH (WFS): "WFS is planning a market development trip "Environmental and Water Protection in Mining" to Peru from July 4…

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