Our Vision

The recomine-alliance has the vision of further developing regionally grown competences in the field of environmental technologies and linking them with technologies for the development of disperse raw material sources. Typical contaminated sites in the Ore Mountains become test and demonstration sites and are then exemplary for contaminated sites worldwide. A remediation of the contaminated sites becomes financially feasible by recovering the remaining raw materials and reducing the remediation costs. Non-toxic, low-value mineral components will be used in the building materials sector. At research and development sites, contaminated sites can be used for technology development, training and research purposes. In the recomine-vision, the competences of the region come together with market innovative services worldwide, which is supported by the unique model region for concepts for contaminated sites.

Years of ore mining
Years of remediation and management
> 100
Partner from Germany/Saxony and Czech Republic/Northern Bohemia
Registered patents (2016), up front of the eastern states of Germany

Unique Competence

The recomine-alliance brings together commercial and public institutions that bring their skills together in a targeted manner. Institutions that enable the automated industry of the future are networked in recomine with institutions promoting, developing and applying innovations in environmental and resource technologies. Institutions working with a broader regional civil society are also represented in recomine. Museums, educational institutions, tourism initiatives are working on concepts to let the regional population participate in recomine. Together with official institutions, recomine brings together a special regional intersection of different competencies. The concepts that are technologically developed in recomine also examine the official and social feasibility.

Field Labs

The development fields in the recomine-alliance stand for three different types of contaminated sites:

1. Ore processing dumps and tailings

2. Mine and tailing water

3. Slags and ashes

The regional industrial and research institutions have remarkable know-how in processing, automation and sensor technology. This know-how can be used to establish sustainable and efficient technologies with maximum profitability.

Flushing and processing dumps
Slags and ashes
Mine and tailing water

From the Field Lab to the Application

The contaminated research and development sites in recomine are not uncommon phenomena globally. The predominantly regional recomine-partners develop technically innovative solutions for these contaminated sites in R&D projects. These technologies are coordinated in exchange with regional representatives from society and politics. The coordination office operates an active technology marketing and offers the recomine-solutions on the world market. Technologies and concepts from the Ore Mountains can then address problems with contaminated sites worldwide and make their services and products internationally available. If a recomine-technology needs the involvement of a European partner institution, the world's largest raw materials network, EIT RawMaterials, is available to enable validation projects or pilots. In addition, the partner network can make a targeted contribution to business development and help to gain access to the world market.

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