Future Materials from Mining Sludge

Time span

From 01.01.2022 to 30.11.2024



Project type

Future Materials from Mining Sludge

From a technical point of view, the ZauBer research project is intended to realize the recycling of iron-bearing mine sludge from the Roter Graben together with iron-bearing slag residues. The main focus is on the recovery of valuable materials and the stabilization of the residues in new types of elution-stable building materials. In addition, from a social point of view, active education and involvement of the population is to take place in parallel. Above all, young people are to be motivated for the subject of mining, with the aim of gaining new skilled workers through training and/or study. Among other things, exhibitions and events at terra mineralia are planned for this purpose.

The focus of the planned technical work of the project is the Roter Graben at the Davidschacht tailing development site, which combines mining and tailings leachates. Within the project period, a demonstrator plant is to be built directly at the Roter Graben in order to test the developed technologies and processes in a real environment.

The project as a whole is to provide a future-oriented and sustainable contribution to environmentally relevant issues in the field of mine water and sludge, which can be scaled internationally by regional partners and which integrates public acceptance. In this way, alternatives for disposal, conservation of landfill space, reduction of the CO2 emissions and ecological improvements for flora and fauna should be achieved.


TU Bergkakademie Freiberg, Institute of Chemical Technology

Martin Reiber

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