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Berthelsdorf smelter pond

Prof. Dr. Traugott Scheytt

Sediment sample in a cold water

Dr. Richard Stanulla from GeoWiD a sediment sample

A sediment sample

Berthelsdorf smelter pond

Samples of subhydric sediments from the smelter pond in Berthelsdorf and other waters of the lower district watercourse from 23-31.08.2023

As part of the recomine project "ResuS: Recycling of subhydric sediments", sediment samples were taken from the Berthelsdorf smelter pond and other waters of the lower district watercourse to a depth of 5.40 m in the period from 23 to 31 August 2023. The sampling was coordinated with the Saxon State Reservoir Administration. Dr. Richard Stanulla, managing director of GeoWiD GmbH, led the sampling. The plastic pipes, so-called liners, were lowered into the water by scientific divers to a depth of 5.40 m, where they were pierced into the sediment. About 20 kilogrammes of sediment should to be collected per sampling point. It is important to take an "undisturbed sample" where the structure of the sediment layers is not altered. All sediment samples must be transported upright and refrigerated. The samples are handed over to KI Keramik-Institut GmbH and Veolia Klärschlammverwertung Deutschland GmbH for laboratory analysis of the sediments. The scope of analysis, which is compiled by PICON GmbH, is based on applicable regulations and laws in order to be able to assess the usability of the sediments. Professor Dr Traugott Scheytt from the

Institute of Geology, Chair of Hydrogeology and Hydrochemistry at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

heads the ResuS project and examines the sediment samples in the in-house laboratory. In addition, mechanical and physical parameters of the sediments are analysed by GeoWiD GmbH. The results of the analyses will be published jointly by the project partners in scientific journals. The aim is to find ways of utilising the subhydric sediments from the Saxon dams. Based on the results of the analyses and together with all project partners, practical and approvable concepts for the treatment and utilisation of the sediments are to be developed.

Special thanks to Mr Wieland Josch for more photos and a great article in the Freie Presse and the Freiberger Zeitung.

Read the article in the Freie Presse (in German only)

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